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A Not So Regular, Regular Summer

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Where have we been 

Marching band is an activity that involves creativity, passion, and community. During the summer months, these three things are paramount to the success of any group. 

Like many things, circumstances changed and, unfortunately, our regular season had to come to an abrupt end. Although unconventional, our season still ended with great success due to the undeniable creativity, passion, and sense of the community that individuals in this group have.

Over the past few months, our staff and students have shown up for and with each other. Each section had online sessions, sharing video challenges, playing music, dancing, and even creating a space where members could chat and catch up. Stetson’s band even set up weekly movie nights to continue getting members together. 

Our “regular” summer 

During this time of year, we would find ourselves in constant contact with each other. Whether that contact is through entertaining crowds, perfecting our performances, or traveling as a group to chase new experiences, spring/summer are exciting times for members of these organizations. 

Although we are not currently participating in our regular activities, it’s important that we don’t view this time as a wasted summer. Use this summer as time to reflect on amazing past experiences and relationships that have been formed over past years. As well, continue to find new ways to practice and share your talents over these months. 

Looking forward to a new season 

As we continue to work through a time of uncertainty, we can be certain that when we do return, not only will the crowds be energized to see us, but our members will be ready with the best show they’ve got. 

We look forward to reconnecting our community again, creating passion through creativity. 

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