Band Affiliations

This year will be another exciting year for the Calgary Stetson Show Band and its Bands of Calgary affiliates: the Calgary Round-Up Band, the Calgary Stampede Showband, and A Band of Outriders.  As members of the Bands of Calgary, each band operates independently under its own Association and as such has independent activities.

  • The Calgary Round-Up Band is made up of Junior High School students from Calgary and area.  Performance commitments will be on par with the abilities of the better junior high instrumentalist.  Instrumentalists must be enrolled in their Junior High music program.
  • The Calgary Stetson Show Band is made up of Senior High school students from Calgary and area and has a strong focus on musical and marching excellence, developed in an atmosphere of fun, camaraderie, and team spirit.  Instrumentalists must be enrolled in their Senior High School music program.
  • The Calgary Stampede Showband is an advanced, grade 11 through university age, band for those students aged 16 to 21 from Calgary and surrounding area. They are the musical representatives of the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.  The Calgary Stampede Showband is also accompanied by a horse troop, the Calgary Stampede Showriders.
  • A Band of Outriders is an energetic forty piece ensemble, which represents the Calgary Exhibition & Stampede.  They are comprised of Calgary Stampede Showband alumni and other musicians from the Calgary area.  Membership in A Band of Outriders is open only to individuals over the age of 21 years by audition.