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Our Winter Experiences

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Although many people might think of marching bands as groups that only perform outside and during the summer, our program is fit for year-round performance opportunities. During the winter months, we split our band into three separate experiences: concert band, winter guard, and winter percussion. Each of these experiences gives our members a unique opportunity to develop their skills though learning and performance opportunities like no other. These experiences and performances are some of our member’s favourites throughout the year and help our band prepare for everything we do in the summer.

Concert band

Similar to a high school or junior high band, our band wind musicians participate in concert band each year. Our woodwinds, brass, and concert percussion will prepare a few pieces to be performed at venues such as the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium and the Rosza Centre. Practicing in a concert band environment provides our musicians with an opportunity to hone their skills and come together as a band. Our musicians often enjoy the musical challenge this part of the year brings as it allows them to reach new levels on their instruments and learn new material.

Interested in hearing some of our past performances? Click the link below:

Winter guard

Winter guard is one of the more unique experiences that our band provides. This experience is an opportunity for the colour guard members to develop a technical show for a performance setting that highlights skills and colour guard specific techniques they have learned in the first half of the year. Normally performed in gyms or stadiums, the winter guard show is made up of dancing, tossing, and spinning of flags, rifles, and sabres. All of the choreography for the show is set to a song, often telling a story or portraying a theme. While many of these skills may seem difficult, it is important to remember that many of our members each year are brand new and have learned in only a few short months.

Looking to see what a winter guard show looks like? Check out some of our past performances: 

Winter percussion

Similar to winter guard, winter percussion is likely new to many of our members. The winter percussion experience is a similar to the winter guard show and features only the percussion in a show made up of our two percussion sections, the front ensemble and drumline. The front ensemble is made up of larger stationary percussion instruments, such as marimbas, vibraphones, piano, drumset, and many others. The front ensemble remains still while the drumline marches behind them. The drumline is made up of snare drums, tenor drums, and bass drums. Again similar to winter guard, these shows are often performed in gyms or stadiums and tell a story or have a theme to them.

Check out the links below to see what some of these programs look like:

We hope that you now have a better understanding of what our band does throughout the year and some of the exciting opportunities that you can be apart of. If you are looking for more information, please email or contact us on social media.

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